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Digital Creator

Eva Burkowsky

Eva is strong minded and a powerful asset when it comes to women empowerment, and enjoys the simple things about life. As an influencer, she spreads positivity and passion for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Instagram: @avec.eva


HTX & ATX Blogger


Clarissa is a wonderful lifestyle influencer and has alot to offer when it comes to positivity and living a great life! 

 Instagram: @thelifeofclarissa


Fashion Blogger

Billie Newland

Billie is an Instagram Fashionista and social media influencer. She is such an inspiration to women around the world as she follows her heart and inspires others to do the same with confidence and passion.

Instagram: @billiexnewland 


Bo$$ Entrepreneur

Vanessa Garske

Vanessa is a skincare expert and shares her personal story as inspiration to other women. She is a major influencer and pillar to many women who experience lack of self esteem because of skin disorders.

Instagram: @vanessa.garske


Health Coach


Theodora is a certified health coach helping others find their inner peace and happiness by integrating health and wellness into their daily routine., Instagram: @wellnesswiththeodora

2020-04-27 (2).png

Wellness Coach

Katia Fit Life

Katia is an incredible wellness coach who teaches women to find their own version of wellness. Throughout her life, she has been a source of inspiration to many as she leads other women around the world to seek out true self love and body self care.

Her experience as a trainer and competitor has really changed her view of body physique as she slowly taught herself the way of true health and wellness, starting from the power of her mind!

Find more on Katia >> Instagram: @katia.fitlife

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Ilana Harkavy

The Just Girl Project

Ilana is the Founder of @TheJustGirlProject. Over the years, she has accumulated hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers by promoting her new brand for empowering young girls!

She has dedicated her years to helping girls who are struggling with body image and self love and helps build them up with her incredible program.

"Ilana Harkavy is the future of women empowerment" 

>> Instagram: @thejustgirlproject, @ilanaharkavy

2020-05-01 (2).png

Ari Gunzburg

Motivational Speaker

Ari Gunzburg was only 10 years old when a teacher died while hiking with the class in the woods. That was the catalyst for a tremendous amount of upheaval and change in Ari’s life. A few short years after this event, he fell in with groups doing the wrong things and began to watch his life spiral out of control and downhill at the same time.


His teenage years led him through life experiences uncommon to many. It was through this “school of hard knocks” that Ari has continuously learned to persevere, to maintain a positive outlook, to embrace change and challenge (usually!), and to take everything in stride. Now he brings this perspective to help you gain a new perspective on living a life of greatness.


Instagram >> @arigunz

2020-04-27 (3).png

Elana Christou

Empowerment Coach

Elana Christou is an empowering woman who inspires others to up-level their mindset and overall health. She created a 16-week online holistic health program for others who want to expand the power of their mind.

With her social media, she manages to leverage her influence to help other women find their passions, build their confidence and create a lifestyle that will lead them to overall happiness and fulfillment.

>> Instagram: @elanamchristou

Future Guest Speakers

Ginny Gane

Best-selling author, Ginny Gane is a shiny, fun Law of Attraction expert for people who crave more out of life and are ready to realize their full potential. She was raised with the belief anything is possible and we always have a choice. Ginny lives her life based on the principles of The Law of Attraction, and inspires you to honor your own values and follow your dreams.

Her wish is for individuals to break away from what one is “supposed to do,” tap into what one really wants to do, and let it flow easily into one’s experience. “I would love everyone to wake up in the morning and feel excited and in love with their life,” she says and holds the unwavering belief it can be done!


Ginny knows that wherever you are, you can get to where you want to be, and the path can be as easy and as fun as you want. Through her fun and easy courses, ebooks, and personal coaching, she reminds you of your incredible personal power while making it all feel like having an ice cold beer on a hot day. Ahh. Her rockstar followers and clients have called her “uplifting,” “a light,” and one woman even said “After a session with Ginny, you’ll honestly feel as though you can accomplish anything!” When she’s not playing with LOA or co-hosting the popular podcast Manifest It Now, you can find her indulging in sunshiny outdoor adventures, fun fitness exercise and practicing singing…along to the radio.

FInd more on Ginny >> Instagram: @ginnygane

Elle Russ

Elle Russ is a major pillar behind women empowerment and a power house when it comes to building confidence and self esteem on levels you didn't even know existed!

She is the author of Confident As Fu*k and the best-selling health book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution - which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health.


Elle is also a TV/Film writer and the show host for the popular Primal Blueprint Podcast started by NYT’s bestselling author, Mark Sisson.  Elle Russ has survived several thyroid disorders and will stop at NOTHING to create for herself the life she desires!

And with her mission to improve her own life, she manages to pull with her a massive group of followers as she guides them with her inspirational journey towards living the best life possible!

You can learn more about her at who has

>> Instagram: @_elleruss



Confident As Fu*k 

The Paleo Thyroid Solution 

 Ella Yakan

Ella Yakan is an amazing influencer who uses her power for the better. She is on a mission to spread love and peace through others and shares her own personal experiences as a source of inspiration to all who hear her. I have learned immensely from her and thought the best person to discuss this topic 'A New Approach To Mental Health'  would be the one and only, Ella. 

She has experienced a depressed mental state herself after she left her family in Egypt, and after her father, who she was very close with passed away. Her experiences have led her to grow stronger and be able to help other achieve a stronger and healthier state of mental health.

For more content on Ella >> Instagtram: @ellayakan

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy is the host of Taking Up Space Podcast. She is a total #BOSS when it comes to helping people recognize their potential and to truly embrace themselves for who they are. Amanda teaches to embrace yourself fully, your body, your quarks, everything. Hiding is simply not something that she does. No more playing it safe, no more keeping it small and no more letting society call the shots.


In this episode you'll discover that you get to make our own rules, you define your beauty, your success, and you get to decide the path for your own life. 

In this episode we covered many questions on boundaries, true self love, recognizing healthy social norms from unhealthy norms among other great discussions. Ready to take your life to the next level and BREAK SOCIAL NORMS?!

For more content from Amanda Murphy:

Minji Chang

Minji Chang is a Korean American actor, producer, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Her past work includes presiding as Kollaboration Global Executive Director, acting in award-winning short films & viral comedy sketches, & producing events for the Asian American community with grassroots organizations, major network studios & film festivals.


She is the host of First Of All podcast, a real & unfiltered conversation on career, family, relationships & pop culture. She continues to create content, share stories, empower the community, & champion diversity & inclusion everywhere she goes.

To follow more from Minji: Instagram>> @minjeezy

Karen Love Lee

My name is Karen Love Lee. I EMPOWER YOU through what has, not only radically worked for mySELF and my clients, but gave me the #WillToLive for the first time in my entire life. My specialty is helping you fall madly-passionately in LOVE with yourself, by healing your inner-child wounds. This is your PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP and the sole basis for all others.

Through my own healing journey, I transformed my deep seated self- hatred into SelfLOVE and, counter-intuitively ~ my Soul’s Calling in life, found share my experiences and gift of empowering others with the world.


By rewriting your childhood "Scary Tales" of forlorn love and brokenness YOU will create a MAGICAL life, unencumbered by these deceptive fables.

Everything that has taken place up until this point of your life, has brought you to this threshold. It is a gift. Manifest a passionately NEW life on your terms. You are the source of a magical fairy-tale life!

"Every time you 'Stop, to look inside,' you ignite your inner-sparkle, which miraculously sources profound levels of SelfLove and Success!" ~ #KarenLoveLeeEmpowersYOU


For more content from Karen: >> Email: >> PODCAST: 

LIKE My Fan Page: >> FRIEND Me: 


Janessa Dalalana

This episode I had the pleasure of speaking to the spiritual coach, Janessa Dalalana. Janessa is a lovely woman who encourages pleasure and the pursuit of happiness. Her coaching career has led her to help other women discover their passions and desires and open up to their true potential. In this episode, Janessa and I discuss the importance of letting of FEAR, taking RISKS and investing in yourself and your journey. We learn that sometimes taking the leap can be as simple as an investment in your personal growth!

To follow more from Janessa: Instagram >> @janessadalalana

Samyra Alexander

I am so blessed to have connected with Samyra as in this episode she introduces us to many ways of dealing with low self esteem. We learn that self esteem issues mainly develop throughout childhood but with the many tips she shares, we find relief that there is a "cure" to this disease. Samyra is an Author, Coach and Therapist. In her first book she discusses relevant issues many can relate to and how to tackle these obstacles. 

To find more content from Samyra: Instagram>> @tellsamyra


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