Your Meraki Approved Bath Routine

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This article really needs no introduction, who doesn't like a long, hot bath? Here I will be sharing with you some of my favorite self care treatments and give you some to-die-for tips that I guarantee will make your experience so much more enhanced!

  1. Music. Whether bath or shower (or doing my makeup...), my music is always playing. This puts me in the vibe and I really get the time to enjoy myself. I love using a shower waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Some of my favorite shower/bath songs: - Sabrina Claudio, Truth is - Sia, Loved Me Back To Life - Alan Walker, Lily - Lexie Liu, Mulan - Rihanna, Consideration - Ava Max, Salt - Sia, Stargate - Sia, Diamond Heart - Ava Max, Anyone But You - Dance Monkey, Tones and I - Maroon5, Memories

  2. Set the mood. This is my favorite part! Light up some candles and set up a romantic scene for yourself. I love placing my healing stones around the tub, throw in some rose petals, bath salts, essential oils and have a glass of champagne or ros'e to go with the vibe. This is your time to get creative and really work on self appreciation. Some of my favorite healing stones: - Amethyst – Probably the most useful for stress relief.  - Smoky Quartz - Helps with feeling more grounded.   - Rose Quartz – Helps with remaining calm and keeping an open heart.   - Citrine - Helps with balancing and aligning. - Carnelian – Helps with sexual energy and love.  

  3. Your products. Your actual bathing routine is as important as setting up the mood. I always like to use body scrubs, butters and exfoliaters to help get rid of any dead skin cells and feel fresh and new! Tip: Make sure your products have good fragrances that make you feel amazing and more connected with yourself.

  4. Shower. After your relaxing bath it's always best to take a shower with water running from the shower head. The reason for this is because you don't want extra oils, scrubs, dirt etc. to stay on your body after a bath. Never take your shower in the same water as you bathed in, this will have a counter effect on your hygiene.

  5. After shower products. Here are some of my favorite after shower products I always use: - Victoria Secrets/ Pink body lotions (I have a whole collection I love to use!) - Organic Deodorant - Coconut oil/ Jojoba oilo/ Castor oil for my hair. I always like to rotate as each oil has different beneficial properties. Tip #1: Castor oil is for fast hair growth and volume. Tip #2: Start from the bottom up. Never put oil to your scalp. Tip #3. This is more of a reminder but make sure you don't overuse the products. All you need is a little drop and that should be enough for long, thin hair. For thicker hair you can use a bit more. - Vitamin E oil for face - Nightly serum and moisturizer - Clean towels are a big thing for me. Make sure you tap your face with your towel and use 2 different towels for your face and body. Towels attract an insane amount of bacteria so they should be changed every so often or buy antimicrobial towels.


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