Your Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It's the season to share love and appreciation with those we care about. Here are some gifts you can get and feel confident they will bring a smile to your recipients face!

1. Energizing Diffuser Set - Diffusers are meant for essential oils to help set the mood, whether it’s energizing, calming, or romantic, there’s an all-natural oil for every occasion.

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2. FARSÁLI Skin Goal Set - A set that contains four FARSÁLI faves to smooth, prime, hydrate, and soothe—each can be used alone, layered, or with makeup. This one is a nice gift set but bare in mind that these are packaged in small sample-like bottles.

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3. Gift Cards - These are one of my favorites as I can always decide what I want to buy. Some of the best gift cards to receive are:

  • Victoria Secret/ Pink

  • Sephora

  • Ghd

  • Tory Burch

  • Bare Minerals

  • Amazon

4. Coffee Table Books - You can't go wrong with this item of decor. These are simple gifts yet add life to any room you place them in.

Brooklyn, The City Within $42

Brooklyn is one of the most dynamic and ethnically diverse places on the planet. In fact, it's estimated that one in every eight US families had relatives come through Brooklyn when settling in the country. Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have been photographing this New York City borough for the past five years, creating a profound and vibrant portrait. Alex Webb has traversed every corner of the borough, exploring its tremendous diversity. This parallels his work made in the past forty years, traveling to photograph different cultures around the world--all of which are represented in the place he now calls home.

Contrasting with this approach, Rebecca Norris Webb photographed "the city within the city within the city," the green heart of Brooklyn--the Botanic Garden, Greenwood Cemetery, and Prospect Park, where Brooklynites of all walks of life cross paths as they find solace. Together, their photographs of Brooklyn tell a larger American story, one that touches on immigration, identity, and home.

5. Tile Pro - If you've hit a wall with coming up with ideas on what to give your S.O, this one is a great one! This tiny device can clip onto anything you tend to lose ie. keys, wallet, phone etc. This will help track down whatever is clipped to the Tile Pro!

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