Your Guide To Your Own DIY Hand Sanitizer


With the Coronavirus getting widely popular in the last couple of weeks, stores are running out of hand santizers and soaps. Its a big deal and not something that should be taken lightly. Washing you hands is a simple task that should be done every so often. It can be the one thing that keeps you and your family safe, so even without sanitzers on the shelves, I bring to you an old fashioned DIY recipe that can help you stay "corona-free."

Q: How often should I wash my hands and why is it more important than wearing a mask or not having physical contact with others?

Eden's answer: I don't have an answer as to how often you should wash your hands but I'll tell you this...

- after using the bathroom

- after touching metal

- if you touch any part of your body that would require you to wash hands

- before cooking or baking

These are some basic hand hygiene and would be considered a great time for you to wash your hands. I always keep a sanitizer handy. As to why it's so important to wash your hands, even more than wearing a mask is because, our hands accumulate the most amount of bacteria throughout the day. There are between 2 to 10 million bacteria on your fingertips and elbows. The number is staggering, I know... but this is what you then place on your face, in your food and drinks and to others around you. I believe this statistic is enough for anyone to make hand hygiene part of their lifestyle.

Here is a natural, homemade DIY recipe you can use to make your own hand sanitzer in bulk.

This recipe is from an amazing DIY-er Bijou Phillips.

2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin (optional) 1 cup aloe vera gel 15 drops tea tree oil 15 drops cinnamon essential oil Colloidal silver or distilled water for the consistency you like

Add all ingredients to a glass spray bottle and shake well.

*Optional: add your own fragrance: orange, lavender, eucalyptus...

Share your DIY recipe for hand sanitizers!


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