Your Guide To Staying True To Yourself


It's all about how much you value your own opinions. Are you indecisive and always seeking other's approvals over your own? Or are you your own boss and know what you want for your own life and how to make your visions come true?

I feel that many times in life we come up with the greatest of ideas and when its time to share it with the world we back down. We have second thoughts because, 'what will they think' or 'I've already came up with so many ideas that were never fruitful, I just feel stupid sharing yet another thought' or it could simply be that you know you won't get the support you deserve. Most often than not, we find excuses not to move forward with our vision but the truth is, the underlying reason for this is your one-word-worst-enemy... FEAR.

We are all affected by the fear of the unknown. We don't know how others will react, we don't know if it'll work and we don't know if we're really ready to put in the effort to make it happen. What ifs, could'ves, would'ves and should'ves...

"I've always believed that being an original is about not following anybody else's path" ~ JLO

I love this quote for so many reasons! It brings out a message that is so powerful and true, everyone should have this quote as a mantra for life. Be authentic to yourself, be true to your passions and trust your visions. Never let others tell you the word 'impossible'. Those that say it's impossible are those that are simply afraid to venture into the unknown. Let yourself determine how far you are willing to push your limits. Be an original, a boss in your own life and a legend to your name!

Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself when venturing into new fields.

  1. Am I living my life with integrity? Do I mean what I say and do what I mean?

  2. Am I doing my best?

  3. Am I truly passionate about it or am I doing this for others?

  4. Am I honest with myself?

  5. Have I taken risks? Have I been bold and brave in my endeavors?

  6. Am I happy?

  7. Have I invested in myself?

What is the craziest vision you've had that you are ready to pursue?



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