Your Guide To Preventing Common Winter Illnesses Naturally #Merakiapproved

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The winter has begun and we all pray that we don't come up with the flu, strep/ sore throat and other common cold symptoms. During the cold weather, your immune system is constantly fighting to keep you healthy but there are some things you can do to help boost your immune system and avoid catching the common winter illnesses.

  1. Preventing colds. Common cold symptoms are usually triggered by germs and bacteria. A good way to prevent this is by washing your hands regularly. This destroys germs that you may have picked up from touching surfaces used by other people. Keeping your household items clean, especially if someone is ill, can help prevent the spread of such symptoms.

  2. Preventing the flu. I have personally experienced some very nasty flu viruses which have made me dread the winter (aside from the fact that it's so cold). If there is anything I learned to help prevent such an unwelcome guest it's the following: - Clean and disinfect surfaces - Wash hands regularly - Strengthen your immune system by eating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and antioxidants and help promote good health - Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep to help build your immunity - Staying active may help flush bacteria out of your lungs and airways and increase the rise in body temperature which also helps prevent bacteria from growing

  3. Preventing strep throat. Most times than not, strep throat may need an antibiotic to heal your symptoms. Regardless, here are some natural home remedies you can use to relieve your throat and possibly avoid it all together. First you must understand that a case of strep throat is usually common in the winter and almost always caused by viral infections. The following are some naturally proven ways to prevent and relieve strep throat: - Manuka Honey. Full of antibacterial and antibiotic properties. This honey is great to protect against strep. - Apple Cider Vinegar. Prevents strep bacteria from multiplying - Probiotics. Helps prevent strep throat with its most effective bacteria type, S. salivarius K12 (antibiotic property). Some foods that provide an excellent source of probiotics: - Yogurts - Sauerkraut - Miso - Pickles - Komucha - Cheeses - Buttermilk - Cell Salts. Another common group of remedies used to treat sore throats are the cell salts. Essentially, they are a mix of minerals and electrolytes that are thought to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms by correcting mineral imbalances and deficiencies. Tip #1: When experiencing sore throat/strep symptoms it is best to change to a new toothbrush Tip #2: Wash hands regularly Tip #3: Use tissues instead of a reusable handkerchief Tip #4: Avoid relations with others who are experiencing such symptoms Tip #5: Take care of common illnesses ASAP as they can grow and cause serious complications. Tip #6: Dress warmly at all times and make sure to have extra cover to your neck and chest area as the cold can cause pneumonia, asthma and other serious illnesses. To read more about natural herbal remedies click here. (recipes provided).


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