Your Guide To Maintaining Healthy Relationships

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Being in a relationship whether you're in a boyfriend/girlfriend or married status should come with a guide book, but it doesn't and so we make mistakes and try to learn from them. Some mistakes can be the breaking point of a relationship and yet we find so many couples who truly love each other but simply cannot get along. In this article, I will be discussing some key factors I have learned from relationships and being married to my lovely husband for 2 years.

Important: Never take relationship advice from anyone who hasn't been married at least 40 years. This article simply gives you tips on how to enhance your current relationship and possibly avoid common mistakes.

Falling in love is the easy part:) Making sure it lasts and remains healthy is a whole different story. Some basic things that hold more importance in a relationship than love:

  1. Trust. First and foremost comes the fact that you must be able to trust your Significant Other and vise versa. Without trust you can be assured that your relationship will not and cannot last. Some ways you can work on building trust:

  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

  • Remember the role of respect.

  • Be willing to give as well as receive.

2. This leads us to our next important factor and that is respect. Having mutual respect for one another is crucial for your relationship to survive. Learn to speak in nice tones, slang and keep your volume relaxed. Fact: people don't appreciate being yelled at or spoken to in negative terms. Learn to choose your words wisely and try to keep your cool. There will be times where arguments are born but as long as there is communication and forgiveness on both ends you can start over. Tip: I have a rule in my house that you cannot go to sleep while angry at another. If we had an argument we will make sure to resolve it and give a good night kiss before we go to sleep.

3. Honesty. Being truthful and honest plays a major role in healthy relationships. Remember that you are both adults and learning to be honest with each other will only benefit your relationship. Tip: White lies will end relationships later than sooner no matter how much you love your S.O

4. Communication. This one is a biggie and one that I very much believe in. Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Learning to express your feelings and expectations will only make it easier for the both of you.

5. Loyalty. Being loyal is an obvious factor to maintaining healthy relationships. Loyalty is your building block and should always be valued before anything.

6. Compromise. Relationships are a two-way-street. You give, you receive. Healthy relationships need compromise in order to create harmony and balance.

PS: These tips are useful and should be used with any relationship.



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