Your Guide To Easy Fitness Hacks

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At one point or another, your'e not going to be working out at the gym every day. Missing days at the gym can be discouraging, making it difficult to get back into your routine. I personally know this all too well. Because of this, I have created my own easy-to-do at home work outs that will keep me in shape regardless if I enter those gym doors or not.

I tend to keep my workouts simple since I too barely enjoy when it comes to building muscle. But don't worry, these exercises will get you sweating in no time!

Try this 20 minute routine anywhere:

  • 20 squats (to burn more calories try squatting using weights/ gallon of water)

  • 10 Push-ups (for beginners you can start with the plank position)

  • 10 lunges - each leg (to burn more calories try squatting using weights/ gallon of water)

  • 10 Dumbbell rows (use a milk jug or other weight)

  • 30 Jumping jacks.

A workout alternative I like to use on lazy days is to complete 400 jump rope laps in less than 10 minutes. (This one is a bit more difficult so you can alternate the number of laps per minute until you get better). Staying in shape doesn't take a lot off effort -- but it does need consistency. If you can spare yourself even 5 minutes a day to do some leg, butt and ab workouts you'll start to see a difference in your body. It will take you longer to achieve your goals but it will eventually happen.

If you still find yourself being lazy and you cant bring yourself to use these simple techniques, find yourself a friend who can join you and turn it into a fun experience!

Some fun ideas to use as a workout with friends:

  • Taking a walk

  • Going biking

  • Hiking (one of my favorites!)

  • Taking a jog at a nice scenic view

  • Taking your dogs for a walk

  • Take a run to your favorite cafe and treat yourself to a nice healthy breakfast

You can come up with so many more ideas to make your journey to fitness fast and more enjoyable!


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