Your Guide To Building Better Mental Health

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Strong mental health isn't just the absence of mental health problems. Strong mental health is derived by positive characteristics and within the zen in your mind. No matter what "chronic" issue you may have, building the strength of your mind can be done and mastered! Mental health needs constant work in order to be achieved. A healthy mind has a sense of contentment, happiness, meaning and purpose, balance and confidence in self. These are some positive characteristics of a healthy mind and in this article we're going to have a deeper look on how we can achieve this! Remember: Everyone can achieve mental health and inner contentment - It's all about the effort you put in.

Like previously mentioned, mental health is much more than a diagnosis. It's your overall psychological well-being—the way you feel about yourself and others as well as your ability to manage your feelings and deal with everyday difficulties.

  1. Positive words - The way you think and talk about yourself can have a great effect on how you feel about yourself. Mental strength comes from personal self appreciation, self gratitude and the ability to grow beyond your current circumstances. Some things to work on for starters: - wake up every morning and encourage yourself with nice words - look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you - embrace your body flaws and learn to love those curves and stripes of beauty - appreciate what you have in life and make it your goal to achieve the lifestyle you want - self gratitude is a big one. Learn to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. This will give you a sense of purpose and a boost in your confidence Conclusion: Think and speak positively about yourself and you will see the difference it makes in your life.

  2. Focus and conscious effort. Achieving mental health is possible for everyone but it all come down to how much effort you put in and how laser focused you are on making this change. Letting go of the past and learning to say enough to emotional damage and self pity is your golden ticket to mental strength! I personally work on this every day and I can guarantee that it's not easy and once you bring more awareness to your every day life you will constantly start to notice how often you let your own self down with negative, angry or hating thoughts and words. Do not be discouraged by that fact, as soon as you realize what you are doing stop yourself and lead your thoughts to a more positive route. This takes conscious effort but I promise the journey is self fulfilling and your outcome is confidence and self love!

  3. Focus on what makes you happy. Ask yourself: what are my passions, what are my goals, what makes me happy etc. Focus on what your mind and body needs. Make sure you take care of your body with healthy nutrition, staying active, getting good sleep and self care. Having a good self care routine is important and will also help you strengthen the bond between your mind and body. Do what makes you happy and follow your dreams. Stay confident in yourself and don't let any negative words reach your protective bubble of self love, confidence and appreciation. Focus on what makes you spark - FOCUS ON YOU!

  4. Remain grateful. Staying aware of what you have and being grateful for them will bring your mind to a more content and zen place. Of course we all dream of more and that is amazing and I strongly believe that with the right amount of effort and hard work you will achieve those dreams, but never forget to be grateful for what you have thus far. Think about how blessed you are more than most. Here is a list I like to revisit in my head every time I'm feeling blessed beyond words. Take these as starter points for yourself and build up on them. I am grateful for: - My family - Loving husband - I have an abundance of food - I have a roof over my head - I'm able to pay the bills - I'm grateful I can see, hear, smell, feel, touch and taste all the goods mother nature provides - Great supportive friends And the list goes on and on...

  5. Take time for yourself. Taking a break and visiting your inner chi is one of the greatest accomplishments you can achieve. Learn to step back and look into yourself. Search for the clarity you are looking for, read a book on self improvement and personal development, learn to understand yourself and how you can be in control of your own self. Take the time to really reflect on who you are as a person and the things you would like to expand on within yourself. Developing a nature of self growth is what we are here for and this is what will take you from emotionally unstable to mentally strong, able and healthy. This is what brings clarity to your life and CLARITY is the greatest attribute you can gift yourself with.


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