Your Guide To Acknowledging Your Self Worth

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There are instances in life when we encounter someone that gives off a bully vibe and you can feel lost and a loss of confidence and self esteem. There are no shortages of bullies and rude people in the world but there are also plenty of ways you can learn to brush them off and not let it affect your day, week or life.

First, it's important to understand that bullies feed off of your fear. This means that when approached by someone who deliberately hurts you physically or emotionally the first thing to keep in mind is to let go of that engulfing feeling of fear and stay strong, fearless in the face of your enemy. This is easier said than done and just like anything in life, this tactic takes time, practice and learning to step out of your comfort zone.

Progress starts from within. This first step may seem obvious but so many skip this step which is why they are always stuck in this loop of doom. The first thing you must master is acknowledging your self value and worth. When you come to terms and find SELF LOVE you will find it much easier to stand up for yourself and your standards. There are many ways to achieve this step. Here are some things you might want to work on as your first step towards "emotional freedom":

  1. Self love. Look in the mirror and learn to love what you see. Do NOT take this step lightly as this is the very first step you need to master in order to get anywhere in life! Don't compare yourself to anyone in the world. Learn to accept yourself the way you are, flaws and all. From now on it's YOU FIRST! Your feelings, your comfort, your likes and dislikes etc. are first priority. Love yourself and you will have more courage to protect yourself from negative vibes!

  2. Self worth. Once you learn to love yourself (and it is a journey with constant effort), you will also start to pick up on acknowledging your self worth. Self worth stems from: positive thinking, encouraging words, celebrating your accomplishments, setting goals and setting standards for yourself. Do NOT overlook ANY one of these practices as this is what can take your personal growth and value to the next level! Make a list of all the great things you've accomplished, of all the things you love about yourself, all the things others love about you - don't be embarrassed of asking friends and family to contribute to this list. Continue with building a massive list of all your goals and dreams. Get creative and place it in a beautiful frame, journal, keychain, mobile/desktop wallpaper etc. Do not be afraid to go ALL out on your greatness. Let your ego shine and write down EVERYTHING you can think of!

  3. Confidence. Now that you are constantly working on loving and embracing yourself, have a constant reminder of the list you created and work hard on making a positive change within yourself, this is when your hard work starts to prove itself fruitful and your confidence will start to shine. Your inner personality will start to change and shift into a more confident, positive and content person. You will find it easier to make friends - when you reach this level you will come to realize that you don't need friends to be happy, on the contrary, they will come to you and realize very quickly that if they don't match your vibes they are not welcome in your circle. Make yourself the boss of yourself, this includes who you surround yourself with and consider a "friend". Do not be afraid to let go of someone if they don't encourage or fit in with your positive lifestyle changes. I guarantee that this boost of confidence will help you stand up for yourself time and again, and the word bully can forever be erased from your life!

In conclusion:

  • Think positive

  • Encourage yourself VERBALLY

  • Make your list

  • Create goals

  • Be proud of your achievements

  • Celebrate yourself

  • Love yourself -- TRULY!

  • Be grateful

Let your true self shine! I 100% believe that you can do this and come out the other side a better, happier and more confident person!

Self worth = Self love = Confidence = Self worth = Self love = Confidence!

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