Your Guide To A Complete Soul Detox

Cheers to yet another detox! This detox is probably the most important one you'll find and you can make yours completely original according to what is currently happening in your life. What is a soul detox? Just like there are detoxes and cleanses for your body you'll also find that your soul needs constant "checkups" and "maintenance". A soul detox is what I like to call the moment you decide to have some inner thoughts on personal growth and inner healing.

Here are some things you can keep in mind when doing a soul detox. Remember, take these as mere ideas to get you started and create your own version of soul detoxing.

Positive affirmations - When you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed and throughout your day, remember that positive thinking has a real effect on your soul. Create a mantra for yourself that you can repeat on a daily basis. Tell yourself whatever it is that you want to be and you will slowly see yourself turning into that person. Here's mine for when I wake up in the morning. PS. I constantly update my mantras according to my needs and so I don't get bored of them. I am positive, I am motivated, I am focused, I am energized, I am confident, My mind is strong, I don't surround my mind, body or soul with any kind of negativity, I don't procrastinate etc.

Who do you surround yourself with - Starting your day with positive self talk is not enough if you'll be surrounding yourself with people who bring forth negative energies and are not encouraging. Start paying attention to all vibes coming in your direction and learn to trust your gut. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or if you're receiving negative vibes, don't be afraid to let go of that individual(s). I like to imagine a protective bubble around me throughout my day that keeps out all kinds of energies that can ruin my mood, motivation and so forth.

Be good to yourself - Getting rid of all negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, fear and others alike can be the remedy you need. Such emotions can hold you down in a never ending cycle of depression, anxiety and never feeling good about yourself. Learn to let go of such emotions and I guarantee you will be a changed person. Tip: Challenge yourself: When you feel yourself getting down with these emotions, first learn to recognize them and then push them out with a positive thought - this will change your emotion almost constantly.

Be grateful - In regards to number three, you now understand that how you think is how you feel. Since this is true, you now have your tools to fight off any bad thoughts or emotions. Learn to be grateful and count your blessings. I guarantee that whatever negative emotions you have will disappear the moment you learn to recognize how truly blessed you are.

Some things you could be grateful for:

- People you care about

- People who care about you

- Food, clothes, bed, warm home, roof

- Health, all your five senses, body motion and functions - The ability to care, show love and affection

- The ability to receive care, love and affection

All this and it's just the tip of the iceberg. P.S I didn't even get started on the extra material we all "must" have. Learn to be grateful and you'll be blessed beyond your imagination. When your soul feels complete, your mind and body will follow <3

What are you grateful for? Share you positive affirmations:)



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