Travel Hacks To Save Your Trip

I'm sure a lot of you love to take vacations and maybe even travel, so do I. The most common challenges I find people share are packing and the actual flight. If you're one who loves to travel, this one is for you. In this article you'll receive Meraki approved hacks on making your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

  1. Make your packing list. Having a packing list is important to ensure that you leave nothing behind. You can either make your own lists or you can use this quick packing list I found.

  2. Use a good set of wheels. Having good quality suitcases are a must if you are going to travel. I would recommend using the hard case luggage. You can always pick a nice style to make your packing more fun. On a side note, it's important to have name tags so you can easily identify your luggage.

  3. Buy a luggage scale. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a luggage scale. Instead of sacrificing extra items so you don't reach the 50 pound limit, buy yourself a good scale so you can be on the safe side. This hack saved me so much headaches when arriving at the airport.

  4. Bring your own blanket. The blankets provided are literally a bacteria infested weapon. You can rely on the fact that they have been used and most likely not washed. Also, you might want to make your flight more bearable with your own comfortable blanket.

  5. Carry your own portable charger. This one is a biggie. So many times you walk on a plane and there are no outlets near you. This can be a bummer especially if you want to be entertained. Bring your own portable charger and make sure that its fully charged.

  6. Wear comfortable clothes. Grab a pair of joggers and sneakers. You can always create a stylish yet casual look and still remain comfortable for the entire duration of your flight.

  7. Neck Support. I always bring a pillow for neck support when I'm flying. Like the blankets, it's best if you don't use the pillows provided.

  8. Make sure to bring your earphones. I don't board the plane unless I have my Bluetooth earphones. If you ever forget to bring them with you, there are plenty of shops around the port for you to go and grab one.

  9. Use a carry on. If you have items which you would like to keep on board near you or things you would use frequently, pack yourself a personalized carry on. In here I would suggest you pack: water bottle (must be empty but could be fill on board), charger, earphones, slippers or fluffy socks, medication, jacket, multi plug adapter, chewing gum etc.

  10. Chewing gum. Chewing gum or sucking on a lollipop can help with ears popping.

Tip: Never buy a water bottle at the airport. Always carry a plastic bottle with you which you can refill and reuse when needed.



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