This Valentines Celebrate Yourself: Part I

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So it's one of my favorite time of year. It's a day of expressing love to one another and since it's already a day full of love, why not add yourself to the equation? If I take you through the traditional route, Valentines day is recognized as a day to celebrate romance and romantic love. But what if you're single, do you stay at home and depressed that you haven't found the right man/ woman? If that's what you did in the past, it stops now. In this article you're about to read how to celebrate yourself on this romantic day. This Valentine's you'll be Kings & Queens!

  1. Treat yourself to the things you'd expect from your S.O - If chocolate, flowers or lingerie makes you happy this is your moment to make that happen. Treat yourself out to a massage, maybe a yoga class, movie with a glass of wine and your bestie. The ideas are endless...

  2. Go on a date... with yourself - Just like lovers do. They spend time focused with each other, away from distractions such as phones etc. It's Valentines and your date is waiting. Put on something nice, fix your hair, maybe add a bit of color to your face and get ready to treat yourself out. Whether its to a movie, shopping or a nice meal at a restaurant, this is your time for yourself. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Take upon new goals, learn what distracts you from achieving these goals. Discover a new you and learn to be with just yourself, no distractions.

  3. Surprise yourself with a love letter - OK so maybe it's not an actual surprise but it'll still make you feel great. Take out a nice stationary paper and write down all the qualities you love about yourself. Forget all negativity and just embrace your positive side. When finished you can decorate it nicely and frame it where you can always see it as a reminder of how great of a person you are!

  4. Extend your love to others - I know this article is about making you feel special, but you know what else makes you feel good? Giving to others - and by this I mean celebrating others! Spend this day making someone you know feel special. It could be a friend, family member, coworker etc. Learn to make the best of what you have, and if people you care about is all you have, then you have enough!

Happy Valentines loves! <3

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