The Only Detox You Need

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As you probably noticed while surfing through the internet - there is a detox for everything - your beauty rest included. Sleep is critical and without it, all your other health detoxes and lifestyle choices will be affected accordingly. If you want to prioritize on some well needed rest, try these 4 steps for 7 days to help renew your sleeping routine.

  1. Keep your hours consistent - Yes, even on the weekends! I know it can be challenging but setting yourself a bedtime and a consistent waking hour can really help set your biological clock. I keep my schedule as such: My alarm is set for 5 am every morning. Bedtime is at 11 pm (at the latest) sometimes I'll even give myself an extra hour of sleep and go to bed an hour early.

  2. A bedroom is for sleeping only - Ok, so there are some exceptions to the rule:) Otherwise your bedroom is not meant for working, eating or watching. Keep your bedroom clean, dark, quiet and cool. Many sleep experts say that a cool room, somewhere around 65 degrees, makes for the best sleep, and research backs this notion since your body temperature pattern is tied to your sleep cycle.

  3. Drop the screens - Disconnect from all devices at least 60 minutes before going to bed. Using electronic devices before bed delays your body’s internal clock, suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. This is largely due to the short-wavelength, artificial blue light that’s emitted by these devices. The more electronic devices you use in the evening, the harder it is to fall asleep or stay asleep.

  4. Positive affirmations are key to great sleep - Before you get some shut eye, block out all negative thoughts and go through your positive affirmations mantra. It can be whatever you like, mine goes something like this: I release today, I forgive all, I am grateful, I embrace my dreams, I choose peace, I am in harmony with the universe, I am an early riser and will be the most productive and successful when I wake... zzzz

Remember, building habits take patience and time (21 days to be exact). Be patient with yourself and you'll see tremendous positive changes to your sleep quality which will also affect your tomorrow!

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