The Inspiration Behind My Wedding Dress

My wedding date was scheduled to be in the winter, January 18 2018. I knew what kind of dress I wanted to walk down the aisle with because I've been fantasizing about it ever since I can remember. I remember that on occasion I would find myself sitting with my mom "oohing-and-ahhing" at all the different dresses. It's funny to me how as a little girl I would dream of this day during classes in school, talk about it with my girlfriends and promised that our kids would grow up together... and today I see it all unfolding. To me, the entire 6 months of preparations have been a complete daze. It only dawned on me that I would be a wife the night before the wedding (12 am to be exact).

The Dream Dress

I knew I always wanted something unique, something that says 'gentle yet strong'. To me, the gown had to reveal my truth. I remember driving into Brooklyn NY every Sunday with my mom, which was a total pain in the butt, so that I can get fitted. My dress was custom made and was the only dress of that collection made by the designer. I remember walking into the gown store and looking around at all the dresses. I was waiting for my dress to 'call out to me'... and she did!

As soon as I walked down the long stairs to the second floor, she just stood there, staring at me. I immediately told the women guiding us that this is the dress I'll be wearing on my wedding day. She looked at me and said, " This is new, just arrived today from one of our designers. It's the only dress of its kind".

I remember she brought out some nice albums and magazines for me to look at other options but I didn't even bother opening them. I felt that if I got too many options I liked it would be too hard to choose. So the dress was taken off the mannequin and placed directly over my head! Of course, with it being the only dress of its kind there was plenty of alterations that needed to be done. I had to add more roses and a diamond belt. The original dress came with a long train in the back which I cut off and used as sleeves. My veil had to be laced and my crown was made of pearls to compliment the tiny pearls in each rose.

Everything had to be perfect and collaborated with the theme. My bouquet was made with red and white roses (which I still have), my shoes were diamond heels that completely took my breath away (I have those too!) I knew that on my wedding day I would be a snow princess, all in white and looking gorgeous as ever. When I look back to that day, it feels like a dream. A dream that changed my life forever and made me realize that two is always better than one.

What is your dream dress?



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