The Best Positions For Most Women To Have Internal Orgasms


Most women are not having the sex life they wish for. They don't feel 'into it' or just hope to avoid sex altogether. Having a fulfilling sex life with your partner is important to your relationship. Before I get into the 5 best positions for internal orgasms, it's important for me to clarify a few points.

  • You don't always have to be in a mood for sex. Just because you want to take some healthy 'me time' space, does not mean you have a problem with your libido.

  • The female orgasm is rarely as seen on TV. Between all the screams and moaning, many women feel like that is what an orgasm is meant to be. Every woman is different thus, your orgasms will not necessarily match what you see on the media.

  • It takes longer for women to reach an orgasm than men. Do not feel pressured if your partner climaxed before you. Just take a breath and enjoy the moment.

  • Your ability to orgasm may be genetic. Your DNA plays a big role in how you climax. According to research published in the journal Biology Letters, your DNA is responsible for about 60% of your ability to experience an orgasm.

  • Less than 20 percent of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

  • More than a third of women say they need some sort of clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Don't be shy to direct your partner exactly to your sensitive spots.

  • There are about 12 different types of orgasms a woman can experience.

The reason I bring to you all these bullet points is to help you keep in mind that no matter what blog you read or YouTube video you watch, every woman is different and unique. And just because you see others who experience a full blown orgasm (most often) does not mean that you have a problem.

Note: It is important to also remember that sometimes there can be underlying medical conditions that can cause a lack of orgasms, among other disorders. Stay updated with your OBGYN so you can maintain proper female health.

Now that we got all these very important points out in the open, lets discuss orgasms!

Understanding Female Orgasms

An orgasm is the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax. This is considered to be the peak of sexual pleasure.

Q: How can I reach this climax?

Eden's Answer: There is no specific rule book that can give you exact instructions on how to experience an orgasm. The reason for this is because our bodies are different, it's genetically passed down and not everyone can orgasm or ejaculate.

The best way I can answer this question is to give you a few tips on how you can bring your body to a state of an orgasm.

- Don't be under pressure to climax. Just be in the moment and let yourself become vulnerable to your desire.

- Foreplay. Create your own sexual arousal. You know the best what turns you on and your sweet spots. Don't be embarrassed to contribute to the tease.

- Confidence is key. Be playful and allow yourself to feel like you are the GODDESS of sex!

- Set the mood. Make yourself in charge of the mood setting. If you feel more sexually aroused in a romantic environment, create the setting by lighting candles, dimming lights, music, champagne, sexy lingerie etc. . If you are more sexually aroused by acting naughty, get yourself in the mood by fixing your setup appropriately.

- Get comfortable. With yourself and your partner. If you are self loathing and body shaming it will be very hard for you to allow yourself to be fully immersed in the experience.

Q: How do I know if I had an orgasm?

Eden's Answer: This is the moment when I say, "If you know you know". Like previously mentioned, every woman is different so I can't pinpoint the one or two answers you may want to hear. But to give you a deeper understanding, here are some testimonial answers from various anonymous women on how they feel when they climax.

  1. "I get a pulsing between my legs"

  2. "It's an overwhelming warmth"

  3. "Electricity surges through my whole body"

  4. "I feel complete, mind body and soul"

  5. "It’s this crazy moment where every single cell is screaming Yes!

  6. “It feels like you’re on a roller coaster and you’re finally at the top, and then you feel that stomach drop."

  7. “It feels like crying, sneezing, and laughing all at the same time.”

  8. “It’s like when you have an itch but you just can’t reach the right spot under your sweater, BUT THEN YOU DO!”

  9. "It's like a feeling of wholeness and butterflies in your stomach"

  10. "Having an orgasm is sort of like a giant dose of Prozac and muscle relaxers all at once.”

  11. "I just want to clench up and enjoy the explosion that’s erupting throughout my entire body."

  12. “It’s like melting and exploding at the same time. You don’t have any control!"

Another more simple way for you to discover your orgasm is by masturbating. You know better than anyone else where your sweet spots are. Take advantage of some alone time and start to feel yourself. Feel the anticipation growing as your muscles go into contraction and relaxation mode. Build up to the moment of eruption and enjoy your first experience of a climax.

OK. Now back to the main topic I want to discuss, and the reason you clicked on this article >> The Best Positions For Most Women To Have Internal Orgasms!


Lifted Missionary: Lie on your back with your legs open and put two pillows under your butt. The extra lift will make entering you easier for your partner and gives you much-needed G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Cowgirl: There is nothing like getting on top of your man and taking control. Once on top you can mix up your moves between grinding and larger thrusts. Try moving in circular motions (in both directions).

Bending over: Fold the top half of your body over the bed, on your back. Have your partner stand behind you and enter you from behind. This position can give you deeper penetration and will also be easier on your partner since he is standing.

The Stand Up: Consider switching things up. Your partner can stand on the floor in front of the bed while you scoot down to the very edge of the bed and spread your legs. This position is great for deeper penetration and it will also give you the perks of making your clitoris extra visible, which means you can have more fun! Tip: Lift your butt slightly and place one leg on your partner’s shoulder for even deeper penetration.

Butterfly Position: Getting your partner to hold your legs down in a butterfly position will not only allow for deeper penetration and your clitoris being extra visible, it also hits all the right spots when your partner thrusts.

Spill the beans ladies! What are some positions that help you reach the climax?



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