The Art Of Not Giving F@$&%


A lot of times we go through life and we don't realize how much other people's opinions really weigh down on us and have a great effect on our decisions and lifestyle choices. I think if I am to start this article the right way it would be simply by saying stop caring about what other people think of you.

It is in human nature to be curious and to be poking around in other people's businesses (such as a car crash, social media or the news). Many times these people don't do so with that intention of hurting the other person, but more often than not people get hurt by the knowledge that others have opinions on what is going on in their own personal life.

In this world 2020, where everything is public and open knowledge it can get even more stressful when unwanted opinions chime in to something personal. I am going to base this article off of my personal experiences and how I learned to block out unnecessary negativity and unwanted opinions. I learned to accept myself and to push forward regardless of what other people thought of my efforts.

Here's a story: When I was younger I was extremely shy. I would blush and tear and was really quiet in class. If I'm being honest here, I feel that maybe a big reason to this is because of my upbringing as a child. Now this is not to say anything negative on my childhood as I had one of the best ones and feel extremely blessed to be a part of my family. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and one of the things my mom drilled in us as kids is RESPECT.

My siblings and I were raised with the previous generation's mentality, such as to never look an adult in the eye when they talk to you or never respond back to someone older than you, or if someone does something wrong to you never reciprocate the action... yada-yada. Overall, we were brought up with extreme respect towards adults and other social settings, which is extraordinary to find young children who still hold respect as such for others. (I mean this seriously, my mom is a fun mom and can really spark up a party, but when she gave us "that look" we knew what had to be done. Kind of like sign language) But in today's day and age 2020, things are getting a little bit more out of hand so these teachings and methods of raising kids are dust in the winds of history.

So, back to the reason I believe I was shy. All my life I was taught to hold back and that if I speak up it can be considered disrespectful, so when it was time for me to make new friends in high school or speak my mind in class I was dumbstruck. I went into complete panic of.... what will those girls think of me? What if I get the answer wrong in front of everyone else?? What if I turn all red like a cherry and my eyes start to tear????

I was sensitive to others opinions of me and it really did stop me from doing many things. It made me indecisive and nervous to try making new friends, although I did have my 5 friends which I was grateful for. It was a downward spiral from there and I knew I had to break the cycle -- and the sooner the better!

It's true and unfair, but it's true. We care to much about what those who don't care think. So I decided to make a change to my life. When I graduated high school in 2016, my whole life changed 360 degrees. I felt like an adult and had the right to choose my own path. And the path I chose? Freedom. Freedom of fear, lack of confidence and the freedom to speak my truth.


So along with that happy ending, I am going to give you a head start on your research and give you 15 things you can always keep in mind to help you stop caring of what other people think.

  1. Be true to yourself

  2. You only live once

  3. Remove all sources of negativity

  4. Trust very few with their opinions -- the rest, disregard

  5. Try to avoid being overly sensitive with opinions

  6. Remember it's just their opinion -- you don't have to agree

  7. Remember that no one really cares (unless they are close to you)

  8. Remember that you are not trying to please everyone

  9. Remember your values

  10. Surround yourself with the right crowd

  11. Don't judge yourself

  12. Do what makes you happy

  13. You live for yourself and not anyone else

  14. You are your own boss

  15. Remain positive and keep moving forward!

What tips will you be using?


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