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Yes, I'm talking about your coffee cup. How many times a day do you drink coffee on the run? How many disposable cups do you throw out on a daily? Multiply that by roughly 7 billion. About 8 billion people walk this earth, using numerous disposable cups every day, making it a total of approximately 16 billion disposable cups that are being used every year. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle sounds a bit crazy since only a handful of people are making the change, but once you start going green you'll notice the difference it makes in your life. It's simple, take it step by step and you can start with your coffee cups.

Instead of spending money every week on new disposable cups and covers, save your money and get yourself a reusable eco-friendly coffee cup. On average, you'll be paying about $5.99 for a sleeve of plastic cups, which you'll probably buy one every week when you go grocery shopping. That means your'e paying an average of $80 a year just for disposable cups, which by the way, some don't come with the covers so you'll have to spend an additional cost to buy the covers separately. On the other hand, getting yourself a reusable coffee cup may cost about $25 but you'll be saving some cash and the environment all at once!

*Also, making your coffee at home can save you additional costs*

Now I know that doesn't sound so bad so if you want to give back to mother nature (and yourself), getting used to drinking out of a chic reusable cup can be your first step to a better future.


What are your thoughts on using eco-friendly, reusable material? Would love to hear your opinions:)

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