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Most of us, when we buy our sleepwear we make sure the material is comfortable and breathable. There is a huge selection of sleepwear that should be taken advantage of, especially if you sweat a lot and find it hard to sleep. Some materials mentioned here are more expensive than others, you can choose how much you are willing to invest in a good nights sleep and what works for your pocket. Here is a list of the best materials for the best pajamas.

Cotton - Your normal everyday fabric. This material can be found anywhere and is mostly affordable. Cotton is a soft and breathable material made to absorb and release sweat. This material is washable.

JCrew Cotton Pajamas For Women $45

Flannel - Usually made from cotton and wool. This material is so comfortable and breathable. It is also best for cold weather as it keeps you warm but also prevents overheating!

This material is washable.

Nordstrom Flannel Pajamas For Women $59

Silk - This material runs towards the more expensive spectrum but if you're willing to invest in yourself for a good night sleep you'll be glad you discovered them. Made from 100% pure silk and Eco friendly. Washing should be done gently in lukewarm water.

Julianna Rae Pajamas For Women $196

Bamboo - This material is cooling and luxurious. Bamboo material is naturally soft and incredibly comfortable.

Sijo Pajamas For Women $80

Cashmere - This material is elegant, soft and silky. It is also water resistant so if you tend to sweat a lot, these pajamas are the best for you. These pajamas also tend to get quite pricey and for the right reasons. The quality is absolutely amazing and highly recommended. The only down side I found with this material is that they are not machine washable. Pajamas need to be washed by hand and air dried to keep the quality at its best.

Everlane Pajamas For Women $140



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