Jenny Mollen Encourages Her Followers To Sleep Naked

Are there actual benefits to sleeping naked? Jenny Mollen is definitely one to think so. February 21st, Jenny reveals why she encourages her social media followers to sleep naked. Jenny is in pursuit of hydrated skin and better sleep which is why she has stepped up to try the sleep naked challenge.

Jenny: “Sleeping naked reminded me too much of my parents in the ‘70s, like free love, when everyone sleeps naked and walks around topless,” OK, so aside from reflecting on life, Jenny explains that during dry, cold winters our bodies suffer from a lack of hydration which can lead to dry, itchy, irritated skin and insomnia.

Hadley C. King: “I believe that sleeping naked is a great way to give your skin a chance to air out and breathe. I recommend moisturizing just before going to bed, so your skin can get a boost of restorative hydration while you sleep.”

If you ask Jenny about her experience with the #sleepnakedchallenge, you'll find that she had some great results. Just a few days into the challenge and she already feels softer, more hydrated and has a deeper sleep. Sleeping naked is healthier.

A quick glance at some benefits would include:

- Fall asleep faster

- Sleep quality

- Healthy skin

- Reduce stress

- Healthy weight

- Lower diabetes risk

- Vaginal health

- Male fertility

Will you be joining the #sleepnakedchallenge? Share your experience!


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