I Don't Wake Up To My Phone And I'm A Happier Person

Did you know that the first 20 minutes in the morning is when your brain takes in 10 times more information, 10 times faster. Your energy level is at its peak and your focus is impeccable. What are you spending those first 20 minutes doing? If you spend it by checking out your social media or emails here is why you should quit the habit.

I've stopped using my phone in the morning and instead use this time to educate myself Starting my day with education and motivation allows for me to continue my day with the same growing mindset.

I am a happier person because I no longer wake up to bad news

I am a happier person because I no longer push off getting out of bed just so I can check my Instagram

I am a happier person because My morning is more productive

I am a happier person because My whole day is affected in a positive way

I am a happier person because I get to spend the mornings with Jacob I am a happier person because I'm ahead from the rest of the world

Research has proven that phone usage increases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that signals to your brain that you are enjoying yourself. Here's some food for thought - remember the last time you had fun and it was over way too soon? Now try to think how phone usage can affect your day. Is it a wonder why people feel like there aren't too many hours in a day? If you spend your time playing with your phone you'll soon realize that your day is slipping away without you noticing how much time has passed. You start to feel like you haven't gotten anything done - which, you're probably right.

Limit your cell phone usage throughout the day and you''ll suddenly discover how many hours you have to get things done. Time is precious - don't lose it because you were too busy playing with your favorite toy.

What was your experience with limiting cell phone usage?


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