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How Do Stress Affect Teenagers

Updated: 3 days ago

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Stress is present in all stages of our life. The only difference would be the level of stress. By level of stress, I mean the pressure a child’s face is different from that of a teen or an adult and vice versa. Aside from this, the weight of stress will also differ from your perspective and your chosen action. Nevertheless, stress is stress.

But did you know that there are two kinds of stress? — the good and the bad. Good stress is something that can increase your blood pressure, but it is healthy and beneficial for you. An example will be the stress you’ll feel and have before, during, and after a roller coaster ride and all other amusement park rides, or even those water park rides, etc. Although this brings you stress, it can also give you calmness and satisfaction of letting go of yourself and letting yourself enjoy the moment, right then and there. Good stress is usually also called “happy stress.”

Bad stress, on the other hand, is the stress that no one would want to have and experience. This is the stress that all would want to avoid and hope to never encounter and deal with. And if this stress worsens, it bothers not only our mental and emotional state but as well as our physical state.

The most common stressors of teenagers today are the everyday pressure of being a teenager. Specifically, peer pressure. Pressure from parents and elders and school. There are even stressors that are caused by changes like changing of address or school, among others, and traumatic events.

They stress over what their peers will think of them and the pressure of fitting in or who they want to be friends with. On the other hand, they’re also pressured by their parents and the elders in their family on how they look, how they date, what age they’ll date, who their friends with, their academic status. They’re always nagged about these things that they end up being lost with their sense of self. Stressed over how to meet their expectations and their needs as an individual. How to be a good daughter while being a good friend. A teenager usually gets worked up about her grades and her performance in school. Because when he/she was younger, they are always reminded that education is essential, and it is what will define their future, as well as their financial status and stability — more or less.

Not only does a teenager face such struggles, but she also deals with the stress that comes from constant changes happening in her life beyond his/her control. Such as the sudden decision to change address along with changing schools. This automatically means getting worked up again on knowing and getting to know new people, opening up, and such troubles.

Lastly, there are traumatic events a teenager experiences that may cause him/her stress. One example is the stressful pandemic crisis that is happening in the world today. There are so many health and political issues going around because of the recent health crisis COVID-19.

Stress is everywhere, and it is for everyone to have and experience. And no matter how one chooses to face it, there are still ways (more or less) that affect them, most notably the teenagers. And being in a stressful situation and circumstances, teenagers are more likely affected by it through being too irritable, having headaches, or worst, having fatigue.

As I mentioned a while back, stress does not only affect one’s mental and emotional state but as well as physical state. Others get affected by stress by binge-eating, or others don’t eat at all. Resulting in either getting too slimmed down or being fat “for her age.” Whatever the result, everybody is affected by stress in so many different ways depending again on how one faces, views, and addresses it.

Sadly, teenagers affected by too much stress worry too much. Why? Because at an early age, they have already been carrying too much weight on their shoulders. They have been required to mature up too early to face many adversities and problems.

When stress is not handled appropriately or when teenagers are not appropriately guided, this will cause mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and others to commit suicide.

As an adult, it is essential to guide them.

So, how are you growing up? Did you experience this stress, and how did you overcome it? Share them below!


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