Everything You Need To Know About Contouring And Highlighting.

It’s all about giving an illusion. You can make your features look bigger or smaller depending on how well you know the laws of contouring and highlighting.

Here is your guide to contouring and highlighting like a pro.

Step 1: Buying your products

  • Using a matte contour is important. Darker colors diminish while a highlight or a shimmer brings out the area you are shading. By using a shimmery contour, you are counteracting the effect of the contour.

  • Be careful with your shades. Never go too dark with your products, especially if you are a newbie or beginner level. Always stick to your original skin tone or a shade warmer to keep the natural look.

  • Stick to your comfort zone. There are many products out there that can be used for a single purpose ie. cream or powder. Use products you are comfortable with to make your blending easier.

Step 2: Applying the contour

There is no rule book when it comes to contouring your face. Everyone's shape is different so what might work for you won't necessarily work for others. The best way to find your technique is through experimenting. Once you found a technique that works, stick to it and improve your skills.

  • Applying contour where shadows are naturally found. Usually your contour should only enhance the shadows that are already there on your face, ie. cheekbones, temples of your forehead, sides of your nose and your jawline. Tip: when applying contour to your forehead, use with caution as the effect it makes is a shorter forehead. If you have a large forehead you can use contour by your hairline to shorten the look. If your forehead is naturally small, stick with the contour to the sides of your temples only.

  • Make the 3 shape. When contouring, make sure you always blend from your forehead to the cheekbones all the way down to your jawline. This should form a number 3 and give you a more natural look. Tip: experiment with your application order. Some find that contouring before applying foundation gives a more natural look.

  • Smile. Smiling reveals your natural cheekbones. When contouring, simply go over your shadows and blend.

Step 3: Applying the highlight.

Highlighting is a very important step that most tend to leave out. Never leave out a highlight as it balances the contour you applied. Highlighter should also not be applied all over your face as you don’t want to be a walking ring light:) Keeping your highlight to a minimum and only applying to where light would naturally hit your face can add a lot to your finished look, ie. top of cheekbone, bridge of nose (not the ball), cupids bow and right under your brow to give your brow an instant lift.

Step 4: Don’t forget to blend. You can blend using a brush or sponge. Tip: if using a sponge, wet it with a bit of water to ensure an even application. Make sure you blend everything without leaving any streaks or harsh lines.

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