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Corona Virus: How To Continue A Productive Life

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With the Corona Virus crisis that all of us are experiencing, all businesses, classes, and jobs are suspended to help our country stop the spread of Covid-19 disease.

Because of this, working from home has become a solution. Some companies are implementing work from home solutions for their employees. And while this is an ideal scenario, the question remains... how can you be productive working from home?

As a remote worker myself, I admit that the transition from a corporate job to working from home is not smooth, especially when I have the perks to wake up late and just lounge on the couch. But that's the option one should resist to be productive.

For you to be able to have a productive day working from home, here are some tips that I could share with you.

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1. Have a separate workspace.

Having a separate workspace doesn't mean you need to have closed doors or a dedicated office for you to be able to work. As long as you have an area that will help you to be mentally prepared to get into work mode, whether it's a separate room, a small desk in the corner of your living room, or a laptop at the kitchen counter.

Here's a tip: don't use the space where you would usually go-to to relax like the bed or the couch. That will tempt you to lounge rather than to work. And that's a big NO-NO!

2. Establish a routine and stick to it.

Set working time. What time would you get up and start working? For me, I get up at 5 am, but work begins at 8 am - 5 pm. This means that all work communications can only be entertained on that day. Don't forget to include breaks too!

As much as possible, try to end work at the same time every day. If you have kids and even your spouse or partner, let them know that you have working hours and break time. And the only time they can disturb you (in case if it's an emergency) is during your breaks. It's hard, I know! But you have to do this to be productive.

Implementing this strictly will let them know that you are serious about working from home.

3. Don't multitask.

It doesn't mean that you're at home you can clean your house while working. Have a specific day and time to do household chores; don't do it during your working hours. You can work all morning and do the laundry all afternoon or you can do all work Monday - Friday but on Saturday you the household chores. It is really up to you, as long as you don't multitask. Because the more you multitask, the more divided your time is, the more you won't be productive.

4. Be equipped with the tools that you need.

Have a good chair, a separate computer from your husband or your family, a noise-canceling headphone (if needed). But the only thing you need when working from home is a laptop/computer, an internet connection, and your reliable mobile phone.

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5. Set goals and be realistic.

To be productive and getting things done, you have to set goals and be realistic about them. Just like as you would work in the office, you also have to set goals and priorities. What tasks or projects that are needed to get done ASAP, and what are those that you can do the next day. Categorize and prioritize so that you won't feel overwhelmed. Because when you feel overwhelmed, you tend to want to take a break and sleep all day instead.

There you have it!

Those are the ways I find that is very effective for me to be productive while working from home before the Corona Virus. And during this health crisis, I can say that most of the companies are starting to implement the work from home option.

So, if you'll be working from home because of the Corona Virus, I hope that this article will help you.

Share your productivity tips for working from home. I'd love to hear it!



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