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Change Your Perspective And Regain Your Life

"Take the ride. Live the experience. Find your passion." -- Charles Hudson

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All of us tend to think of the future. Some of us, including myself, even have a 5-year plan all written and wonderfully collated on my vision board. I mean, why not, right? We tend to overthink everything for the next five years, but we tend to underestimate ourselves on what we can do in the next 5 minutes.

Happiness is not just about being satisfied with being good enough, and it's not about being comfortable with what we have. They say you have to change your life to be happy. I disagree.

No matter how many times you change your life, if you have a negative perspective about things, then you will never be happy.

This Corona Virus crisis we had right now made me realized how important time is to our lives and the people around us. What we do in the next 5 minutes will eventually lead us to our 5-year plan, whether it's following the right track or whether it has a lot of turns, but the important thing is to get there.

One of the things that can make our life miserable is when we feel like we are living in a pattern. A cyclic routine wherein we sleep, we wake up the next morning, eat breakfast, work hard and earn a living, run some errands, go back home, cuddle, eat dinner, then go back to sleep, and wakes up the next morning doing those things again. When you think of it that way, yes, that's a miserable life! But we can't go through life thinking that this is all we could do to reach our success.

We have to think and act differently. How do we do that? To think differently, we have to change our perspective. Think of our life and things from a different point of view. How can you do that?

Here are some tips you can do to change your perspective, allow new space for new things, and start new habits.

1. Physical change.

Yes, our body changes on their own every day. But for us to improve our perspective, why not start within ourselves? How about getting a new hair color, perhaps. Or work out.

It doesn't matter whether anyone will see it; what matters is that you know that you have made a big decision in your life, and that makes you smile.

2. Change your routine.

Are you driving your car to work every day? Try taking the bus instead. This way, you'll be mingling with other commuters, have a different route, and will see a change of view. You'll understand how hard it is to stand in the long queue for the bus, or how long the bus ride is. It'll bring awareness to you, and that's a good thing. This new awareness will help you change your view of life.

3. Love yourself more.

You have to value yourself for you to be more lovable to others. Showing gratitude and appreciation to others is an excellent way of showing love. A simple thank you, or I appreciate you can be a big thing to others. This will make them happy, and they will appreciate you in return. Spread more positivity in life!

4. Create more free time.

No matter how much you want to have more time, if you don't create it, it won't happen. It means that you have to create time in your day to spend time with your family or loved ones or spend more time on yourself. Check your calendar. Block off a day in your week, or an hour in your day to go to the spa with your friends, or have a wine night at

home. Either way, you have to create time to have more free time.

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5. Stop overthinking how things SHOULD be.

Thinking of how certain things "should" be can lead to disappointment. And disappointment leads to unhappiness. You have to learn to accept that there are things that are not in your control. And when you do this, you'll change your point of view of how things ought to get done.

6. Focus on the lesson and not the problem.

Your failure shouldn't be a problem; instead, take it as a lesson. They said, learn from mistakes. How? Let's put it this way; I was once a 9-5er, working every day a mundane job. Instead of thinking of the last 6 years as a waste of time, effort and money it made me work hard to build Meraki. I'm not quite there yet, but the lesson I've learned is that no one can tell you that you are not good enough. You are always good enough; you are just not good enough for the "perfect" position they want you to have.

7. Consider others' perspective and respect it.

I had a business meeting scheduled at 10 in the morning, and I woke up early to arrive 5 minutes before time. But the person I'm meeting to was 15 minutes late. Yes, I was annoyed because he wasted my time, and that time is essential to me. But I have to accept and respect that he has his reasons. He was stuck in traffic to reason that he had to drop his kid to school because his wife was on night duty as a nurse and needed to get some sleep. He tried his best to be early, but there are circumstances he can't control that I have learned to accept and respect. Keeping things positive will keep the smile on your face.

8. Look for something positive amidst all the negativity in the world.

Don't let the flaws or negativity of others affect you. If you are stuck in traffic, be calm, and take this time to read a book or listen to a podcast. If you've already blocked your calendar for a meeting and it was canceled, be thankful for the opportunity to have free time to go home early and prepare a home-cooked meal. Of all those negativity, there is always something positive, just look for it.

9. Don't forget to smile.

Just smile, no matter how frustrating things are. Your smile can radiate positivity to others, and it will also change your perspective that whatever obstacle that you will face today, you can deal with it.

10. Write down negative thoughts and keep positive thoughts to yourself.

For you to be able to finally change your perspective, keep those negative thoughts out of your head and instead let the positive thoughts come into your mind. How do you do this? Whenever I feel bad or when I think of something terrible, I write it down in my journal. This way, it'll be out of my mind, literally, and I will not remember it again.

I know that changing our perspective in life is not easy. It requires consistency and commitment to change. I also don't want you to do all these things altogether. It can become overwhelming. Do this one step at a time, create a habit (to rea more about habits click here), and eventually, you'll be surprised by how much you can change in a day.

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