Celebrate The Best Valentine's With Your SO: Part II

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In my previous post, we talked about celebrating yourself -- which is super important. In this article, I'd like to cover some #merakiapproved ideas you can use to create one of your most memorable Valentines with your significant other. Being that Valentines day is all about celebrating romance and romantic love, you want to make this day as special as you possibly can. Now I don't mean taking your boo to the Eiffel tower or renting out a yacht for the evening - although I'm sure bae wouldn't mind:) Sometimes by recognizing the small things your SO does for you it can really create a deeper bond and a new level of understanding.

Here are some meraki approved ideas and gifts you can present to your loved one.


  1. A romantic dinner - If you take the time to plan a perfect dinner surprise, trust me they'll appreciate all your efforts. Making this day just about the two of you, without outside distractions can be a beautiful thing. Setting up a table with candles, roses, a nice dinner and some wine, maybe even turn up some light music in the background can really set the mood.

  2. Plan a date according to interests - How many times did your loved one ask you to join a gym class, yoga, hiking, picnicking etc. This Valentines you can focus on doing something special with your boo - something he/ she is passionate about. This small gesture would mean a lot as you are showing that you can get out of your comfort zone to make the other happy.

  3. Get creative - This can literally be anything. Think creatively. Try signing up to a cooking class, plan a trip or go watch the sunset. You can write ideas on a piece of paper and have your SO randomly choose one out and make it happen. Another idea: Valentines is a celebration of romantic love. You can use this opportunity to get creative in the bedroom. Wear a sexy lingerie and put your magic to action. You can feel at ease to tease and role play and make this Valentines a most memorable one.

Here are some nice gift ideas for your man or woman.

- A small thoughtful charm necklace

- His/ her favorite skincare products

- Beautifully scented candles [ To check out our Meraki candle collection click here]

- A 1 year subscription to their favorite form of entertainment

- A bottle of smooth, rich rum

- A cozy bathrobe

- A massive teddy bear

- A box of exotic truffles

- A large bouquet of flowers

- Concert tickets to their favorite band

The list can go on. Get creative and use your knowledge of what your boo likes to surprise them and make this the best Valentines yet!

Comment what you got/ received this Valentines:)

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