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Be A Social Responsible Person

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Responsibilities? Social Responsibility? What does it mean?

As individuals, we have our responsibilities. We are responsible for our actions. We have a responsibility as a citizen in our country as well. When we are employed, we have an obligation as an employee.

When you want to have a pet, or you want to adopt one, and you bring it to your house, you are now responsible for it. If it pees on your carpet, it’s you and not your mom or your sister who needs to clean that up.

In a family, for instance, who do you think has responsibilities or needs to be responsible? Is it Mom? Dad? Children?

Parents are responsible for raising their kids, educating them, feeding them, providing them the necessities in life, and a long-list that comes with it.

Cambridge dictionary defines responsibility as something that is your job or your duty. Social is relating to society and living together in a socialized way.

Social responsibility means the practice of producing goods and services that is not harmful to the environment or society.

How to become a responsible person?

In a blog by Elizabeth Waggle from Psychology Today, she wrote, “Responsibility means feeling it’s your duty to deal with what comes up, being accountable, and/or being able to act independently and make decisions without authorization.”

“Responsibility is having common sense, authority, leadership, and maturity; being reliable, trustworthy, dependable, and answerable. But we don’t all express our ability to be responsible in the same way.” — she added.

Here are a few things that we could do to be more responsible individuals.

The environment.

Global warming has been one of our severe problems for a very long time, and still, it is and will continuously be. The fun fact is that we are one of its contributors.

An article published by The Reuse Bag points out ten human causes of global warming. And one of the reasons is the inability of humans to change, simply because too many of us find it challenging to comprehend.

Consume what you need. Tons of billions of food have been thrown away every year because of overconsumption. While in the poorest countries, people die from starvation for not having enough food for themselves.

Most of the time, we buy food more than we can consume. Next time you go to the grocery store, pick what you need. Rather than wasting tons of money for your food, it does help you save a few bucks!

Learning how to segregate our waste could be a great help. By doing so, it would be easier for us to identify the recyclable ones and those for composting.

To people.

How do we become a responsible individual behind the global problem we have right now?

We are now experiencing a global pandemic — the NCOV-19. A deadly virus that already killed thousands of people and infected thousands of individuals across the globe in just months.

When the news came, most people didn’t care about it. People were like:

“Why would it affects us?”

“It won’t even reach us.”

“China is too far from here.”

As days passed, it became huge news. China locks down Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, and the epicenter of the outbreak to contain the spread.

From an outbreak to a pandemic, countries began to restrict travel bans, shutting borders, and closing some businesses. In just a matter of weeks, it brought a significant impact on our lives. Even the wealthiest countries of the world, they were not spared.

In these challenging times, social media has become our eyes and ears around the world. It has been our way of communicating. Social media is a powerful tool if used properly.

We need to be careful about what we read, share, and post on these platforms as it may create chaos. Even before this pandemic came, we already have read fake news or articles being shared or posted on social media, which isn’t validated.

We need to understand that people have different beliefs or understandings. What might not be true for us may be true for them. And as a social media user, be considerate of others.

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To the animals or pets.

I am a pet lover myself. I grew up having them around and playing with them.

Pets are living things. They need food just like us, they need a home just like us, and they need shelter.

I have seen a lot of videos on animal cruelty on social media, especially cats and dogs, some being beaten to death and somewhere left on the streets. They can’t speak just like us, but deep within, they are already in pain.

Pets are not for everyone. And if you are planning to have one, be a responsible owner. If you can’t keep it, then you can at least give to someone else that could take care of them.

We have to own up to our actions because no one will.


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