A Date Moment I Still Look Back At

Before dating Jacob, I've had a couple dates which ended like "WTF just happened". We all know how nervous we can get on a first date, trying to be super polite and giggle at all the right moments... ugh. Feeling comfortable with the person sitting in front of you is very important. Is there a connection? Can you laugh freely? Is the conversation smooth or are there too many awkward silences? Such things can determine if you'll be seeing that person for a second date.

I have to admit, with Jacob it's been different. We grew up in the same small town, same schools and same people. Regardless there was a ten year gap in which we had totally forgotten the other existed, living our own separate lives. So when we started hanging out it was like meeting an old "friend" (unless you ask him, he'll say he came to a date LOL).

We went to a sushi place - because who doesn't love eating the messiest food on a first date? P.S I don't know how to use chopsticks.

We got a huge platter of every sushi they were serving and starting digging right in. You'd think I'd be polite and "taste" just a few, or maybe try to look classy and use the chopsticks. NOPE. This date went the exact opposite of your usual "lady-like" moment.

I ever so gently placed a napkin on my thighs and ate half the platter (he ate the other) using my fingers to grab another bite!

Now if you ask me, this is the moment he knew I'd be his new best friend for life. Who doesn't want a girl that can eat a whole platter of sushi by herself?

Feeling comfortable is so important on a first date. Be yourself - but not too much yourself (if you know what I mean). Learn to let go, allow yourself to be vulnerable and really let the moment take you to a place where you are not just trying to impress. Let your date see that you are human and that you have that loud laugh or the piggly wiggly snort. Be yourself - that is what we all fall in love with.

What is your moment you'll never forget?


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