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9 Ways To Use Your Time Wisely

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Our world is experiencing one of the most historical health crisis ever - the COVID-19.

As you may know by now, WHO calls this a pandemic crisis. No one is exempted from this virus. No celebrity or ordinary people can avoid it. There's no known cure yet, and every day the confirmed positive cases and deaths doubles.

Our government here and as well as governments of other countries are declaring Community Quarantine while others are on lockdown. It means business establishments are closed except those who offer services and goods like groceries and pharmacies. No one is allowed to go out of their houses except those who need to buy groceries and medicines. Everyone is encouraged and ordered to stay at home.

While staying at home, relaxing, and doing nothing has always been a dream. However, today, this thought uprightly been turned upside-down in an instant. Why? Compared to before, you don't have the choice to go out of your house if things at home get to be either routinely or boring.

But, hey, you got to cheer up, right? The very best thing about this is that we're taking part in mitigating and eliminating the virus just like what the front-liners (the nurses, doctors, etc.) are doing. Staying at home to stop the possibility of acquiring the disease and spreading it to others is the best thing we can do.

Although, yes, being home-quarantined can get you to be stagnant and feeling depressed. In a challenging time like this, it is an opportunity, a blessing even to be given the time to relax and to get to know yourself even more. You are away from stress and also pollution.

With the pandemic of the COVID-19 we are facing, it is best that you should be focusing on what you can do rather than focusing on what you cannot control.

So, here are a few things you can do to not get bored at home.

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1. Clean that corner/room/cabinet you've been meaning to clean but did not have time.

If you are one of those people who always plans to clean and declutter a room or two, or even a corner or cabinet but ends up just making it a plan because of busy schedules and other priorities, this time would be the best time for you to do so. And if you are a parent, you can now ask and even train your children to help you and take part in this major re-designing and decluttering of your home.

2. Learn a new hobby, skill, or craft.

Who said that learning something new requires you to be outdoors? If you want to learn how to bake, cook, or make different kinds of coffee, you may wisely use this time to learn it. With easy access to the internet, you can learn a recipe or more. Moreover, this can also be a time for you to bond with your daughter or son in the kitchen. If you hate cooking or baking, you can start learning how to knit or whatever it is you've wanted to learn and try.

3. Read a book.

If you are one of those people who have been wanting to read a book but don't have time to, now is the time to grab that book and read it. Don't have a copy of that book? I'm sure a copy online (an e-book) would be available.

4. Not a fan of #3? Well, try listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are episodic series of digital audio files that are available on Spotify and iTunes. It is engaging audio storytelling for those who hate reading but loves to hear stories and whatnot. You can also give our Meraki Podcast a try for some extra great content.

5. Watch that movie you've wanted to watch but don't have time to.

Observing the community quarantined is the best time to do that Netflix and chill. Make this the time to watch that new movie you haven't watched or a recommended movie from a friend you've been saying you would watch but haven't because you're a busy bee. Moreover, you can also start binge-watching that series you've been hoping you could or well, you've wished you could again.

6. Workout.

Yes, workout. Who said you need gym equipment to continue that daily workout you have? You can always choose a space in your home and make it your little space for an exercise (or even yoga). There are a lot of YouTube videos you can run and browse into to help you maintain that workout routine of yours using whatever you have at home in replace to the equipment you usually use when you're in the gym.

Not a fan of working out? Well, maybe you can use this time to start working out, right? I mean, doing exercises is not just for those who would want to achieve that certain body, but it is for everybody and for everybody's health. So, hop in to that workout clothes I'm sure has been lying around your closet and start working out.

7. Make some TikTok videos.

In whatever age group you are in, you can join the bandwagon and make some TikTok videos, and it is up to you to either post it publicly or privately. Furthermore, if you doubt yourself with this one, you can make an account and look and scroll into the videos, and I'm sure it can lighten up your mood. I'm guilty.

8. Communicate with others and the people you are around with.

In a challenging time like today, it is best to build a support system. You can start with your family members; catch up and openly talk about the issues today, you'll never know how much you'll get from them and best, you'll be able to not just bond more but get to know each other more. Because although you're staying in one roof, admit it, there are times wherein you fail to communicate because of the different demands the school or work has for you.

It is also the best time to catch up and communicate with your friends instead of just talking about school and work-related topics. Give each other updates on what is going on with your life and theirs.

9. Rest.

And lastly, you can never forget to grab that much-needed rest you've been saying you've been deprived of because of work and school demands and pressures. Grab and catch up on that sleep you've been so deprived of the past months (or sadly, years). And well, you know, rest. Make use of this blessing to be with yourself peacefully and relax, not only your body but as well as your mental state.

And there you have it!

Those are nine ways you can use your time wisely during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Again, it is always better to focus on the things we can do during this challenging time rather than stressing over those we cannot control. Enjoy getting to know yourself, your family members, and friends. And of course, enjoy trying new things.

Do you have any other suggestions and advice in using others' time wisely despite being home-quarantined? I'd love to hear it, share them down below!

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