8 Party Activities For Adults


One of my favorite things to do is host a bunch of our friends over the weekend and enjoy a night filled with laughter, drinks... and games. Who knew grown ups can have fun activities at a party other than conversing with each other! If I'm being totally honest, these activities totally make you look like you've lost a few marbles but what fun is it if you have to worry how silly you look?

Here's a list of fun games I've accumulated over time and would love to share them with you.

Charades - This game of acting and guessing is an all time classic... and one of my favorites. Try to fill a table with 5 or 6 of your friends for a night activity and you'll see how funny this game can get!

Movie ID - Just like charades, this one is a guessing game. I guess I really do enjoy them, more than I care to admit. Players have to get their team to guess the movie title by using a limited amount of words. The main thing is, to guess before the other team does and gets the point.

Name the tune - You have a few seconds to guess the song before the other team. This is a fast paced game and extremely ridiculous, so get ready for some big laughter cramps.

I can do better - The gist of the game is to divide yourselves in two teams. One person has to decide what he or she is best at and prove it to everyone else. i.e drinking a full bottle of water the fastest or doing a cartwheel. Then someone from the other team will compete with you. At the end of the round whoever did it best gets the point for the team. Team with the most points win the game!

Truth or Dare - Oh the old classics. I absolutely LOVE this game! Take your party to the next level with this one. P.S a clean version of this game is also possible:)

Never have I ever - Another great game. With this game you'll get to see which one of your friends is the real nut job.

Guess the food - I remember playing this since I was a child. I guess a good game really never outgrows you. Blindfold your 'contestant' and judge their tasting skills. P.S it's always great when you can prank someone with a real nasty one!

Structured games - With so many options to choose from, such as board games, cards and dice you'll never be bored again! These games are great for any adult group and can be enjoyed with anyone.

What are your favorite games?



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