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7 Easy Ways To Be Happy

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“I am happy.” or “I just want to be happy.” are two of the famous sentences you will always hear blurted out by everyone, whether single, in a relationship, married, struggling, everybody. We are all so obsessed with finding happiness. We jump from material things to all kinds of parties to having sex, and to pretty much anything and everything we could think of that we feel will fill-in that space of feeling happy.

A quote about happiness by a philosopher named Bertrand Russell goes, “happiness is not, except in very rare cases, something that drops into the mouth, like a ripe fruit… Happiness must be, for most men and women, an achievement rather than a gift of the gods, and in this achievement, effort, both inward and outward, must play a great part.” Since this is an achievement, it is an individual’s choice and intention on whether or not to achieve happiness in his/her life. It is a decision, as well as a commitment to lead towards a life of happiness over unhappiness.

In simple terms, happiness depends on you. It is in your choice to live and have a happy life. It is your constant commitment and dedication to continue living and choosing it as well as every day. But the question remains: What is being happy? And how do we achieve it, even after choosing and committing to it?

What does it mean to be happy (or what is happiness)?

Happiness is best known and associated with its misconceptions. These misconceptions are the things and scenarios I have mentioned previously, which are when you jump from material things to all kinds of parties to having sex and the like. But actually, these are not what makes you happy, but instead, these are experiences that please you. And pleasures are experiences or things that thrills and excites us for a short period. It is fleeting; thus, we get to experience them then let it pass afterward. It is not permanent.

What happiness is, it is something that fulfills you both internally and externally. Being in a state of happiness means being satisfied, fulfilled, and contented with what you have and own. But how do you identify which you need to have and hold to be happy? An article entitled Happiness Explained: Why Being Happy is More than Just Sunny Days at the Beach identified and shared nine universal human needs that fulfill the need to be happy. However, I narrowed it into three needs since the other six can be captured by the three primary needs to be happy.

The three main ones are wellbeing, environment, and outlook.

Wellbeing is about the mind and body connection. Meaning, it focuses on the aspect of one’s physical body, which affects our mood, and vice versa. Wellbeing also talks about one’s temporary experiences, which are famously known as pleasure. And lastly, the success one accomplishes is a confirmation from yourself and others that what you have done is valuable and important and should be focused and congratulated.

Second, the environment. The external environment of an individual influence his/her happiness and fulfills his/her need. This environment that I’m talking about is one’s safety, food availability, freedom, weather, security, and beauty. Under this, external and intimate relationships and involvement are also considered.

And lastly, one’s outlook and approach to life’s challenges, the curiosity it demands, and adventures it shares as well as meaning or having purpose and wisdom to understand what is going on and what is not going on. And, elasticity to recover the inevitability of life in general.

How is “being happy”?

As mentioned, to be happy, you must choose and commit to being happy.

1. So, the first tip of being happy is to CHOOSE to be so. Every day as you wake up, choose to be happy and to live happily. Choose the environment you will be in and the influences you allow to influence you along your day. Because this will be a domino effect, making it a habit and a usual everyday scene that will surely make you a happy person as your life gets on. The other six tips will help you be satisfied after you choose to be so every day.

2. Practice Affirmation and Gratitude Daily.

In our previous article, we talked about positive psychology. You can reread it here.

Photo credit: @gurungsanjisha

3. Nurture being forgiving

Holding grudges does not do you good; and definitely will not help you “being happy” even though you’ve done tips 1 to 2. Forgiveness reduces the creation of resentment and bitterness, making you feel lighter and closer to achieving fulfillment and contentment then happiness — true and genuine happiness. Moreover, in forgiving, you MUST stop blaming others but instead be wise in identifying who is at fault. And whether the other party is truly at fault, learn to forgive him/her, and let go of negative emotions and feelings.

4. Counterattack the negatives.

Entertaining negative thoughts and feelings, pondering on to them, and focusing all your energy on them won’t do you any good instead of harm both on your mental health and your journey to being happy. To counterattack the negatives, you can go and have meditation exercises and make yourself laugh more even towards those simple small things.

5. Know and remember that money can’t ever buy happiness.

Forget that famous saying “money can buy everything,” because it is a lie — a big one. Blinding yourself with the material and expensive things are just satisfying your pleasure. Meaning you’ve only met a tiny portion of your wellbeing, which is again, a fleeting one.

6. Invest in friendship — good friendship AND well, all relationships.

It is said that having great and healthy friends (and company) makes you live much longer. Humans being a social being needs to be able to invest in good quality friendships and all other relationships because, well, let’s be frank, who needs toxicity? And as you have invested unto great friendship, don’t forget to spend quality time with them. And all the other people you have a healthy relationship with — your family, partner, etc.

7. Invest in meaningful activities.

Go out and enjoy different kinds of activities that are meaningful. You’ll be surprised at how many activities, although significant or no matter small, are meaningful and healthy for you. Such as spending more “me” or “alone time.” Because an activity like this and others similar helps you grow as a person; help you see the brighter and lighter side of things. Brings you closer to who you are, allowing you to identify what matters to you and what means to be genuinely, authentically, and truly happy.

Being happy is not as hard as it may seem. Being happy is choosing to be one. As easy as we choose our daily OOTDs and the coffee and meal we would like to have for the day, happiness must also be that easy.

As we choose to be happy every single day, it makes it a little easier to know and embrace ourselves. It is making us more capable of self-care and self-love.

I’d love to hear from you!

Source: https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/choosing-to-be-happy#3



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