6 Meraki Approved Ways To Start 2020

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It's a new year and honestly I'm feeling blessed. 2019 had it's ups and downs but through it all we made it to 2020, a new year and a new decade! In a previous article I spoke about setting your goals a.k.a New Year's Resolution. In case you haven't gotten the head start, I'd like to give you 6 tips on starting your new year the right way.

  1. Change up your morning routine. It's important to have a steady morning routine. When you wake up every morning, your body is recharged and filled with energy. Everything you do, starting from the minute you open your eyes will take an ounce of your energy until you reach the end of the day and you are ready for another recharge. Start your day right by adding these ideas to your morning routine. - Spend the first 10 minutes of your day deciding what you want to focus your energy on - Give yourself your morning pep talk. Motivate yourself and practice self loving words - Be active. Breaking into a sweat in the morning increases your metabolism and gives you that extra energy boost - A healthy mind starts with a healthy breakfast. Make it a routine to have a nutritious breakfast every morning.

  2. Change up your sleep routine. If you haven't yet set your sleeping priorities, definitely make it a 2020 goal! There is no way you can achieve your dreams and goals if you'll constantly be burnt our a.k.a zombie mode. Learn to end your day earlier and take a few minutes before bed time to prepare yourself mentally. You can write in your journal, read a book, have some great sex or do some yoga or meditation. Let go of all electronics and focus inwards and to the people around you.

  3. Set your values. Ok. so maybe last year you weren't up to standards with your own values but that's totally fine because we never look back unless it's to see how far we've come. This year, focus on setting your values, what is important to you and your personal growth. Decide your top 10 values and stick to them.

  4. Set your boundaries. Having boundaries makes you the boss of your own self. This is the time for you to protect your energy from negative vibes and release positive vibes to the people and things that are important to you. By writing your boundaries and sticking to them you already have a head start with year 2020!

  5. Self appreciation. I know you hear me talking a lot about self love, appreciation etc. and I do so because I believe it is one of the most important things in life. Without self care ~ mind, body and soul ~ depression and sadness will settle in and that is not what we are here for. For this year, if there is one thing I can really help you start working on, it's practicing the act of self appreciation. Learn to appreciate your talents, skills, looks and count your blessings every day. Be grateful and supportive to your own self. With this change, I guarantee you that this year will be your best one yet!

  6. Be more organized. Or in other words, end procrastination. Procrastination, stress and confusion stems from being disorganized. Learn to focus on one thing at a time, stay organized mentally and physically as well. By being more organized you can manage your time wisely and be more productive. Read more on time management here. Take these tips and create your own 2020 priorities and believe me when I say - "This year will be your best one yet!"

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