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5 Ways To Slim Down Fast

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With today's fast pacing lifestyle, ready-to-eat food would always be a go-to for most people. At the same time, there's a specific perfect body everyone would love and strive to achieve. That is why the hunt for a faster way to slim down is one of the top searches in the search engine of Google and YouTube. It is because a specific body type that is viewed acceptable and considered as a perfect ten (i.e., the hourglass body for women and buff body type for men) has imprinted in everybody's mind primarily through magazines, models, advertisements, and such.

Aside from the reason mentioned above of achieving that "oh-so-wow perfect ten bodies," people also would like to slim down instantly because of health-benefit reasons. Such as avoiding, mitigating, and eliminating obesity, heart disease, and decrease high blood pressure, among others.

Now, in making this possible, the very best advice anyone and all people would give you would be to have a balanced diet partnered with exercise. But the question now is what ways will help you to achieve your plan on slimming down faster? Right? Well, luckily for you, I have just that list of ways.

1. Cutting down your carb-intake.

Before anything else, a refresher of foods belonging in the carbohydrates are foods containing sugars and starches like bread, grains, dairy products. Cutting down your carb-intake allows you to lower your hunger level resulting in eating significantly fewer calories. Furthermore, instead of letting your body burn carbs for energy, it will burn stored fats for energy.

2. Eat your protein.

According to Gunnar, eating plenty of protein is an essential part of slimming down. Because according to him, there is evidence that suggests that eating a lot of protein may boost one's calorie expenditures by 80 to 100 calories per day. Thus, this reduces cravings and obsessive thoughts about foods by 60 percent; and even reduce the desire to indulge in a midnight snack.

A healthy protein you can have would be meat such as beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, fish, and seafood like salmon, trout, and shrimps, eggs and its yolk, and beans, legumes, soy.

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3. Drink more of that coffee.

Jaclyn London, from her article How to Lose Weight Faster, But Safely, said that starting your day with a coffee helps in slimming down faster. Since according to her, caffeine is a natural diuretic and excellent source of antioxidants that protect the cells from damage.

Not a coffee drinker? Well, tea would be a perfect alternative, as this is also a natural diuretic like coffee. Herbal tea, such as the dandelion or fennel root, can do the trick.

4. Spice up your meal by including spicy delicacies.

Eating spicy foods, according to London, can help cut back calories because of capsaicin. Capsaicin is a compound that you can find in jalapeño and cayenne pepper that may slightly increase the body's release of stress hormones such as adrenaline, which is the one that speeds up your body's ability to burn calories.

5. Indulge yourself to high-water content foods.

They say drinking plenty of water help combat bloating, and they're not kidding. That is why consuming high-water content foods like watermelons, tomatoes, and cucumbers contain diuretic properties that will help you stay full because it contains high fiber content.

In simple words, to faster achieve slimming down, you just got to either watch out or lessen specific food intake or increase it depending on which fits your current diet. Like a simple decrease in your carbohydrate-intake, an increase of your protein, coffee or tea, and high-water content foods, as well as eating spicy foods.

Do you have any other suggestions or know other ways that could help in slimming down faster? I'd love to hear it, share them below!


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