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15 Things Every Girl Needs In Her Bag

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Have you ever met a girl who only carries her mobile phone and car keys when going out of the house? Even for just a simple run to the grocery store or even the pharmacy, a girl is not on full gear without her bag. I bet you haven't!

Trust me, we girls, we are always prepared. Yes, we do have cute bags, and guys don't understand why a woman's bag is expensive. Well, it's not just about the brand. It's about the look and how convenient it is to fit all the essentials.

Girls' essentials come in two tiers. Yes, we have the "essential" essentials, I'm talking about cell phones, keys, wallet, IDs. And there's a second tier of essential, and these are the following:

1. Makeup Bag

I haven't met any woman yet who doesn't have a makeup bag inside her bag. It doesn't have to be a fully packed makeup bag. A girl's makeup bag may only contain products that are basic for touchups such as one shade of lipstick, an eyeliner, and a compact powder.

2. Nail File

As I said, girls are always prepared. We don't want to walk around having a broken or chipped nail. So, yes, a nail file should be in every girl's bag.

3. Mints

Bad breath is a major turn off, that's why we have mints or gums inside our bag. You'll never know who you'll bump into!

4. Bobby pins and hair ties

We can't control the weather, and we can't control our hair. We have bad hair days, and for a girl, our hair is our crown and glory. So, to keep those bad hair days away, a girl should always have her weapon. And by weapon, I mean hair accessories!

5. Tissue

We girls, we need our tissues. We can't just go walking around without them. We need them in like everything! Wiping off surfaces, wiping our nose, wiping our eyes, and especially when we need to do makeup touchups now and then.

6. Pads

You'll never know who needs it. There's always a lady in distress, especially in your clique.

7. Aspirin

Why do we always have that in our bag? Well, men don't understand how it feels to have menstrual cramps. And we don't want to be all moody and angry when it comes. We have to be a pro and be finesse about it.

8. Pen

This is not just for women but also for men too. I mean, everyone should have their pens in their bags or in their pockets. For me, I feel like I'll never know when I'll need it. Well, aside from using it to write things down, it can also serve as a self-defense weapon for girls -- I know, I'm weird like that.

9. Sunglasses and their case

The number 1 accessory of every girl. It's not just an accessory, but it is a protection for our eyes in the blazing sun. And when the sun sets, it should be put back inside the bag in their case.

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10. Lotion and hand sanitizers

We all need hand sanitizers. Haven't you noticed that when you always apply hand sanitizers or alcohol on your hands, they tend to dry up? That's why we also have lotions in our bag. To make our hands smooth and to have that "clean-hands" smell.

11. Charger or power bank

Our cell phones are essential to us. We can't miss that call or not read that text, or even not boomerang that food. We use our cell phones almost every second of the day. And when its battery dies, its like the end of the world for us. So, our power bank or charger should always come in handy.

12. Perfume

Don't you agree with me when I say, a woman should always smell good? Well, men too, of course! But a woman, we spray perfume like three times in a day. That's just how we are.

13. Notebook

We have our days planned out, our to-do lists, and we like to write down our thoughts.

14. Business cards

In this era, networking is always a good thing. You'll never know when an opportunity comes, always keep a bunch of business cards in your bag, especially if you are a boss babe.

15. Sunscreen

Don't forget the sunscreen. It's your ultimate solution and protection from the sun and UV rays. Most of the sunscreens last for 3 hours, so you'll need to reapply from time to time. You can read more about products to protect you from sun damage here.

What's inside your bag? Share them down below!

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