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10 Ways To Be More Productive In Your Day

Updated: Mar 22

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Productivity, according to Merriam-Webster, "is the quality or state of being productive." And productive, on the other hand, means "effective in bringing about, yielding results, benefits or profits."

So, in other words, productivity means that it is the quality or state of being able to deliver results by wisely managing your time despite other tasks at hand and producing it astoundingly.

There will always be days when you would love to procrastinate and ignore the calls of responsibilities much more to be productive because these calls mean busyness, synonymous with stress.

According to an article, Why Is Productivity Important? 10 Reasons to Become More Productive by Mike Vardy, productivity allows you to do better with your time. Meaning, with productivity, it will enable you to achieve better results of the stuff you do, resulting in you to "move fluidly from task to task and not get lost nearly as much with trusted system at your side," says Vardy. And with productivity, it earns you more of your time. It translates that you will get to have more "me-time" since you have finished all your work before or on time, and you have not allowed it to pile up, resulting in you to cram and work from one task to another.

These pros of being productive sure made you want to enjoy the luxuries. That's why I come to share with you ten ways to be more productive with your day and push away procrastination for once. Keep reading!

1. Be Strategic.

According to an article from Forbes by Frances Bridges, you should be able to identify what or who is keeping you from being productive. Is it the noisy environment, are you tired, or are you distracted perhaps? When you identify these things, you will also be able to find solutions to address this problem so that you may be able to move on with your work.

2. Don't Multitask.

I'm sure you've read this tip in almost every productivity article out there, perhaps even from the people you know or respect and look up to. Multitasking is never the best action to take because trying to complete several tasks all at once results in slowing you down from the other task you were also attending.

3. Prioritize.

Another great tip is to prioritize which of the tasks you need to get done first and which needs assistance. This will help you to identify all the other tasks and learn which of them you should do first. With this skill, you also go back to tip #1 which is to be strategic.

4. Don't Overwhelm Yourself, Give Yourself A Break.

Being bold is good until it becomes overwhelming. That is why it makes you counterproductive. Working beyond your limits and excessively working hard can exhaust and stress you out. So, once you feel you've reached your limit for the day, why not grab that 10-20-minute break you've been thinking about when you indulged with that task you were working. Or why not grab that sweet chocolate, salty chips, or that mouth-watering pizza, (yes you can treat yourself) you've had in mind while you were about to finish that task you just finished? Because doing so allows you to recharged not only your physical aspect but as well as your cognitive aspect. Simply put, you're doing your body and your brain a great favor.

5. Plan your day out.

It is pretty much similar with tips 1 and 3, but if you're a person who loves to see what you planned out and prioritized (like me), rather than keeping a mental note, you can always grab that notepad or sticky pad sitting at the corner of your desk, or perhaps that planner. Not fond of writing? There is always that sticky note app on your laptop or mobile phone, or even a mobile planner you can download on Google Play or App Store.

6. Cut your to-do list in half.

Previously, I have mentioned to plan out your day and make that to-do list. Now that you have that, cut those in half. In doing this, you're making tips 1 and 3 much easier to follow.

7. Change your mindset.

A productive individual according to Kirstin O'Donovan, is the one that "thinks very differently than others because (s)he challenges his/her thoughts and develops a productive mindset." According to her, a productive person does not go with the lines, "I have got so much to do. What am I going to do?" but instead focuses on the fact that (s)he is stressed and distracted, how must (s)he thinks straight, or what courses of actions must (s)he takes to be productive again.

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8. Follow the 80/20 rule.

80/20 rule means that 20 percent of what you do each day produces 80 percent of your results. With this, you strictly prioritize 20 percent of factors that provide your best outcome. Because with this principle, it helps you identify the best asset and use them efficiently to be able to create the maximum value of your work.

9. Use your morning to focus on yourself.

This, by so far, is a piece of advice I've been trying to follow ever since I've learned about it, but there are just times that it's hard to follow. So, what does this mean? It means that when you wake up, checking emails and your social media accounts is a productivity killer. Because this gives you the sensation that you should rush out and start your listed task because you are reminded right there and then how much more work you should be doing and completing. And this is the worst practice if you want to make your day a little more productive.

When you wake up, start your day right by not checking your email, and social media accounts instead do other things like drinking your coffee or have a healthy breakfast, a bath, and other morning routines you have before diving into your workloads. And don't be too worried doing this because you have followed tip numbers one, three, and six.

10. Create a system, make that your new habit.

It's time to know and try, which works best for you and stick to that system. If, after how many months, this will fail you again, try another method that will work for you.

Being productive can be hard, especially during days when you want to Netflix and chill, or well, sleep. But there are days that you have to step up your game to finish all the workloads and be able to spend more time for yourself and your family and friends.

That is why being productive is such a big deal for all kinds of people – students, parents, business people, etc. The only way for you to be productive again during that phase of procrastination is to follow those tips above.

If you have other tips on how to make your day more productive, comment down below, I'd love to hear about it!


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