Eden B.

Wife, Blogger and Nature Lover.

When it comes to new health and beauty tips, you can count on it that I will be researching and reading new blogs to gain better insight on the topic. It’s what I’ve always been passionate about and what drives me to lead a healthy lifestyle yet remain stylish and beautiful from the inside out. It is common to find lots of people giving the healthy lifestyle a bad reputation, whether it's in the diet they choose or body care tips they are “required” to follow. First and foremost, leading a healthy lifestyle is all about acceptance of yourself and the change you are willing to make. It's not all black and white and i’m not here to preach and judge. 

I launched Meraki knowing that there is a great need for women to build up  confidence and stay motivated throughout the change you will be making. I want to remind you that you are beautiful, confident and lovely in every way. I get it if it’s hard or you just can’t find the time to make this beautiful lifestyle change. Trust me, you’re not the only one. I’m looking forward to helping you discover a whole new world of benefits by choosing the natural path.

Here you will find alternatives for the unnatural, chemical-filled ingredients we use on an everyday basis. You will also find that I integrate a lot of life & style, decor and trending topics to this blog.

I'm confident you will find Meraki to be your day-to-day guide to living a better life and discovering a better you. 


PS. More posts coming at you from New York with lots of love. 

XOXO, Eden

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